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Mark Hartman - January 29, 2017

Part 3: Lord, Please Bring Me Back

Finding Peace in a Pressured World

Part 3: Lord, Please Bring Me Back (Psalm 23:3) We continue in our series, “Finding Peace In A Pressured World” going through the famous 23rd Psalm, written by King David in the Old Testament. We are taking our time in this popular chapter and learning how to come to inner peace in God. David said in verse 3 – God Restores My Soul. The Hebrew words literally mean, “He brings me back.” We can get wounded by life. We can get wounded by our own decisions. We can wander away and find ourselves lost. Come as we explore what God says about how to get back home.

From Series: "Finding Peace in a Pressured World"

I’m hurting, wounded and tired. The things I’ve counted on are beginning to fall apart and I’m wondering what I should do next. Is there any way to Find Peace In My Pressured World? The answer is yes! Absolutely, positively YES! This is a six week series looking at Psalm 23.

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