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Mark Hartman - January 20, 2019

Part 2 – How Can I Find Lasting Happiness?

Answering Life\'s Biggest Questions

January 20, 2019 ANSWERING LIFE’S BIGGEST QUESTIONS Part 2 – How Can I Find Lasting Happiness? Ecclesiastes 2 Everyone wants to be happy. All of us want a happiness that is deep enough to withstand the storms of life. The Bible calls that kind of lasting happiness, joy. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, “What does it matter how long I live if I don’t enjoy life while I am living? So, how do we acquire that deep abiding happiness and joy? You really actually can have it! But, it doesn’t come in the ways most people imagine. We are in a series entitled SEARCH: Answering Life’s Biggest Questions going through the Book of Ecclesiastes. This weekend, the Bible will answer the question, How Can I Have Lasting Happiness? I think you might be surprised at the answer because its closer to you than maybe you realized.

From Series: "Answering Life's Biggest Questions"

We live in an age of seemingly endless information. But quick, easy access to it doesn’t necessarily make us wiser, happier or our life more meaningful. We have a lot of questions about life – what is the purpose of it all?  Anyone can be happy for a moment but can we experience lasting happiness?  And if so, how? How can we make the most of our time? What happens when we die?  And many more of life’s mysteries. We explore some of life’s biggest questions, and search for the Bible’s answers that can help us live our greatest life.

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