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Mark Hartman - November 19, 2017

Part 7 – Handling Opposition To Your Faith

Living a Blessed Life

November 19, 2017
Living a Blessed Life
Part 7 – Handling Opposition To Your Faith
Matthew 5:10-12
If I asked you to name the most persecuted group on the planet you’d probably name the wrong group. Because it’s Christians. It’s Christians. It may surprise you that that’s the most persecuted group on the planet because it is the most ignored, most unnoticed, least reported, most overlooked news item on the planet. The International Society for Human Rights, a secular organization released a report that says “eighty percent of all religious freedom violations in the world today are directed against Christians.” Why do injustices come against Christians and how should we as Christians handle it? This is what Pastor Mark will be talking about this Sunday in his final message of Living A Blessed Life.

From Series: "Living a Blessed Life"

Pastor Mark Hartman walks through the key attitudes from Jesus that can seriously alter our lives for the better, and for God. Join us, for this series as we learn how to Live A Blessed Life.

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