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Mark Hartman - August 26, 2018

Part 4 - How Do We Participate?

August 26, 2018
- Who We Are: A People On Mission
Part 4: How Do We Participate?
Mark 6:33-44

Every so often every church needs to take some time, go back to its roots and remember who it is. We all need to stop and remember who God has called us to be. In our series we have already answered the questions: Where Do We Start? Why Are We Here? and What Really Matters To Us? Mark continues the quest by answering the question: How Do We Participate? It is a truth that participators will always grow further and deeper than observers…every time. Alone we can make an impact. But together, through God’s Spirit, we can change our world!

From Series: "Who We Are: A People On Mission"

It is possible to drift along through life with a lack of direction and forget who we are. Every so often we need a reminder about who we are and who God has called us to be. In this series Pastor Mark will help you get back to your roots. Not only as a follower of Christ, but as a church. This will be a defining moment for our future at Sugar Creek!

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