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Mark Hartman - May 17, 2020

Part 4 – Making Right Decisions

Authentic Christianity

May 17, 2020

Authentic Christianity
Part 4 – Making Right Decisions
James 3:13-18

Making right decisions is by far the most difficult thing we ever learn to do. We count on experience to teach us how to improve our decision making. But, James 3:13-18 reminds us that sometimes experience teaches us the wrong things, instead of the best. Right decisions are made when we apply the Truth of the Bible to our decision making. Pastor Mark will be helping us to see how to do that.

From Series: "Authentic Christianity"

April 19 – July 21, 2020
Authentic means not false but genuine; real. There is synthetic everything these days. Fake flowers, fake grass, fake cheese, fake news…it seems endless. The fake Christianity in our culture breeds resentment towards a religious culture desperately in need of something real! So we ask the question, “What is Authentic Christianity?” The New Testament book of James helps to answer this in practical ways. Be prepared to be challenged, confronted and blessed by practical, authentic Christianity as defined by one of the oldest books of the New Testament.

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