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Mark Hartman - December 2, 2012

Learning to Trust Like Mary

December 2, 2012 The Nativity Characters of Christmas Part 1 – Learning to Trust Like Mary Luke 1:26-55 Part one of the messages of the Christmas season will allow us to get a great view of this powerful and Godly woman named Mary. Other than being the mother of Jesus, how much do you know of her? One thing that we can all learn from her is trust. Listen as Pastor Mark Hartman presents this powerful message on facing our fears like this courageous woman.

From Series: "The Nativity Characters of Christmas"

Christmas is the time of year that captures people’s hearts and imaginations in ways no other season of the year does. Much of that is related to family, friends, food, gifts, tinsel and lights, et al. How much is related to the Person and the Event at the core of Christmas? This series takes a deeper look into the moment in time when God came near, very near to us. Although His “nearness” came through a virgin and a manger in a cave in Bethlehem, Jesus is nearer, still. May His nearness become dearer, still.

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