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Mark Hartman - March 6, 2016

Earn the Respect of Others

All of us want others to respect us. Solomon is right that the respect of others is more valuable than most anything else. But, how do we earn that respect? Know more information than others? Say some wise thing at the right time? Accomplish some great feat? Actually, every one of us can earn the respect of others and Pastor Mark is going to show us how as we draw close to the end of the series: Wise Up: Making Better Decisions.

From Series: "Wise Up, Part 1"

Making good decisions is one of the most important skills we can develop. It affects everything. Getting good information is critical but even more important is gaining the wisdom to be able to know what to do with the information we get. So, where can I get the wisdom I need to make better decisions? That is what this series by Pastor Mark is all about. It can affect every area of your life for good. Whatever you do, wise up!

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