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Mark Hartman - October 30, 2016

Part 7 – Staying Right

Touching the Invisible

(Matthew 6:13) Yielding to temptations and negative habits can steal so much from us. We don’t want to be controlled by things that threaten to ruin our lives and Jesus taught us to pray asking God to deliver us from evil. So, how does God rescue us and how can we partner with Him to live free from those enemies of our joy?

From Series: "Touching the Invisible"

Have you ever wondered if your prayers are really getting through? Though God is invisible to our human eyes, He is very much present. So how can we reach out and touch God through prayer? Jesus taught us how to open the door into God’s heart, “Touching The Invisible”. During this series Pastor Mark will examine the most powerful principles for connecting to God and how they apply to us.

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